🍕 Discover Our In-House Freshly Baked Pizza Club Sandwiches! 🍕

Indulge in our gourmet pizza sandwiches, baked fresh in-house and packed with premium ingredients. Perfect for a quick yet delicious meal!

🌱 Melanzane Grigliate & Ricotta

Grilled eggplant, fresh ricotta, tomatoes, and rocket all wrapped in our freshly baked pizza sandwich.

🥜 Mortadella e Provola

Bologna’s mortadella paired with provola cheese in our delicious pizza sandwich.

🥬 Cotto & Spinachi

Cooked ham, sautéed spinach, and provola cheese inside our mouthwatering pizza sandwich.

Starting from just 240 THB!

📲 Available exclusively on Grab, Foodpanda, and Lineman. Order now and experience the taste of Italy at your convenience!

Available in Massilia Sathorn & Massilia Ruamrudee.